Thermotron Products

Capable of imparting extreme thermal stresses to products, Extreme AST Systems produces high temperature change rates in excess of 70°C/min. The chamber's high volume, high velocity airflow is configured through a slot and adjustable ducts, maximizing thermal stress direction imposed on the product, accelerating product failure rates.


Thermotron has several high performance equipment options that provide product temperature change rates from 5°C-per-minute to 70°C-per-minute. Our chambers range from 8 cubic feet to 168 cubic feet and conform to many industrial test methods, including: MIL STD, IEC, JEDEC and HALT/HASS test procedures.

Whether testing small or large items, Thermotron can provide environmental test solutions to meet your specific testing needs.

Thermal shock is a method of environmental testing that subjects a product to alternating extremes of high and low temperatures. Thermotron has developed two solutions for Thermal shock testing:

For more than 35 years Thermotron has been a global leader in high-performance vibration test equipment. Today we continue to offer our customers high performance vibration test systems capable of meeting a variety of testing requirements.

Thermotron's strive for continual growth in the life sciences industry has led to the design of:

This product line consists of four high performance functional test & measurement instruments that can be rapidly configured to accurately test a wide range of electronic products straight out-of-the-box. A stand-alone multi-slot chassis can house these tools for operation or can be integrated into a environmental test chamber for fully functional stress testing applications.

Thermotron's FA-Series altitude test chambers allow you to combine temperature and altitude with optional humidity for simultaneous environment testing. Utilizing an FA-Series chamber, you can control the temperature while subjecting the product to various altitudes up to 100,000 feet standard.